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moved to youtube

2012-02-02 10:33:46 by prideofbhs5995

fuck life, find me bitch at 59hitman, or search CORN My Hole on youtube, its time to get famous and all that gay shit,


2011-09-19 23:31:49 by prideofbhs5995


heres a quick update

2010-06-30 16:51:56 by prideofbhs5995

im back in the music making mood once again :D so imma start making a shit ton of herp a derp mixed with some shmoogidy woogidy......yes.....but i wont be making shit for about 2 weeks so yar.....


2010-06-14 09:48:02 by prideofbhs5995

havent been on much, too busy in life with work, and im goin to college soon, plus i reformatted like 3 times, so i lost most of my music, but im gonna start now that im bored and unemployed atm xD

im sooooooo lazy

2009-11-28 14:03:23 by prideofbhs5995

ive really need to start finishing/working harder on my music, god im so lazy


2009-11-27 04:25:40 by prideofbhs5995

hello, how was your thanksgiving?


2007-11-06 21:29:55 by prideofbhs5995

well guys, im not really working on anything right now, im not THAT talented like some of the few on newgrounds, but you can still make a good friend, that friend being.......ME!! lol. anyway, if you want to talk, message me on here, or on myspace, peace